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When time calls for a storage refresh, you know you're looking down the barrel of a major, six-figure purchase. You're tasked deciphering the perfect storage configuration for the next three to five years, in consideration of capacity, performance, throughput, cost, scalability, and security requirements.

Now, what happens if your storage needs change six months after investing major dollars into your CapEx storage array? What if your company growth-rate prediction was slightly off and now you've tremendously over-provisioned

Unfortunately, CapEx storage offers no forgiveness, and you will continue to pay for a piece of equipment that just doesn't fit.

You need a solution that gives you the flexibility to spin up an array on the fly for an unforeseen project, or scale-down when business slows and a lower capacity is sufficient.

And all the while, you should only pay for what you use.

Surely a solution so in tune with your needs can only be a thing of fiction... 

Introducing, Zadara Storage-as-a-Service:

Storage like you've never seen before — a fully agile, flexible, and immortal storage configuration created in minutes. Scale up or down as-needed to align your storage consumption with your business needs, paying by the hour for the capacity used. 

See for yourself in a Live Solution Demo.  Join our Storage Specialist on a guided tour through the easy-to-use interface, answering any question you may have along the way.

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