Date: Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Time: 10:00AM PST

Why Service Providers Love Zadara Enterprise Cloud Storage

The market is being dramatically impacted by cloud-computing and as-a-service offerings.  For Service Providers to remain competitive and satisfy the rapidly changing market demands, they need to adopt new technologies that create competitive advantage.  Join industry-analyst firm IT Brand Pulse, Zadara Storage and Service Provider Netrepid to learn:

  • How to leverage Enterprise Storage-as-a-Service to create elastic, scalable customer solutions
  • Eliminate capital-expenditures (CapEx), over-provisioning and long purchase cycles
  • Become immediately responsive to your customer’s needs
  • Create true product differentiation to for your business

 Join Frank Berry of IT Brand Pulse, Kevin Liebl of Zadara Storage, and Sam Coyl of Netrepid  for a webinar where they will discuss how modern Service Providers can leverage the benefits of Zadara Enterprise Storage-as-a-Service.

 portrait-webinar-frankberry.jpgFrank Berry, Founder, CEO, and Senior Analyst, IT Brand Pulse

portrait-webinar-kevin-liebl-01.pngKevin Liebl, VP Marketing, Zadara Storage

portrait-webinar-sam-coyl-01-01.pngSam Coyl, President/CEO, Netrepid