Date: June 15, 2017

Time: 10:00AM BST

Digital Darwinism: How to Survive in Today's Evolving Technology Landscape

“Digital Darwinism” has caused established business models to be disrupted by “Uberization”, whereby almost all services are becoming subscription-based and pay as you go (see Netflix, Spotify or AirBnB).

So, how can the modern enterprises leverage these changes to provide competitive advantage and greater value to their customers? Legacy applications and infrastructure technologies were built for stability rather than speed. 

Next-generation vendors like Zadara Storage have evolved from the failures of legacy technologies to adapt to this brave new world. Built from the ground up to provide advanced storage services, Zadara Storage delivers a fitter, faster and more commercially attractive storage proposition to overcome the challenges that enterprises IT managers face every day.

Learn more about how Zadara can reduce your costs, increase your agility and provide you significant competitive advantages.

 Join Frank Berry of IT Brand Pulse and Charles Lenton of Starcom for a webinar where they will discuss how modern enterprises can leverage the evolution of technology to provide competitive advantage and greater value to their customers.

 portrait-webinar-frankberry.jpgFrank Berry, Founder, CEO, and Senior Analyst, IT Brand Pulse

portrait-webinar-charleslenton.pngCharles Lenton, Business Development Manager, Starcom

portrait-webinar-stevecostigan.pngSteve Costigan, Solutions Architect, Zadara Storage